One in 22,000: Anna’s Path to Success

(Anna Kerekes sits at the dinner table and gets to work with her roommate Danielle Goe. (Photo Credit: Leah Volpe/TU Student)) Anna Kerekes, a sophomore at Towson University, discusses her journey to becoming an elementary and special education teacher in the state of Maryland. Read the full story behind Anna's story here.


One in 22,000: Anna’s Path to Success

(Anna Kerekes beaming after her interview. (Photo Credit: Leah Volpe/TU Student). In a crowded, loud classroom at public school, Anna Kerekes sits at a desk as her fourth-grade teacher begins a class activity. After the students are silenced, the teacher asks the group one question: What do you want to be when you grow up? …

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Towson Alumna Brandy Hall Shares the Importance of Getting Involved

(Brandy Hall is interviewed by Professor Atwater's MCOM 258 students on a windy morning. Photo Credit: Leah Volpe/TU Student)) Towson University has a vibrant student life with more than 200 student groups to choose from. Listen to this story about one particular Towson alumna and her advice on how to get involved.

Towson Alumni Opens Up About the World of Journalism

A panel of Towson-graduated students gave insight to current students about the fast-paced world of journalism on Wednesday at the TUJDay event. Members of the panel include Ally Penoni, Christy Moore, Trish Velez, Dion Broxton, Erica Such, Nick DeMarco and Justin Silverman. The panelists spoke to current mass communication students about their career journeys and …

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Towson University Students Making Connections

Students line up to meet with their desired employers to ask questions and get more information. (Photo credit: Leah Volpe/TU Student). Towson University held its annual MCCS Networking Fair on Wednesday to give students a chance to land a job or internship with companies in the area. Students, specifically in the Communications field, were expected …

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Aisha Advocates for Organ Donation

From Left to Right: Heba Youssef, Allison Byers Coleman and Aisha Johnson working together at the Living Legacy Foundation. (photo by: Leah Volpe/TU Student) Aisha Johnson, an tissue donation recipient, dedicates herself to advocating for organ donation as the Community Outreach Manager at the Living Legacy Foundation. Aisha shares her own story and what the …

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