Journalism in the Age of Social Media

For this assignment, I chose the article How Are Journalists Using Social Media?  written by Kimberlee Morrison. The article examines the productivity of journalists in an age that is dominated by social media from research collected by a PR management company. I was intrigued by the this article in particular because it divides journalists into separate groups and describes how each group utilizes social media in their writing. Overall, the results of the report by Cision showed that the majority of journalists appreciated social media in their daily life and work, yet many were concerned with its effects on journalism standards and values.

In every communications job today, it is nearly impossible to avoid or ignore social media. I think journalists specifically can benefit greatly from it for a number of reasons. The number one reason being that just by simply having a significant following on social media and promoting their story on various media platforms can bring the information they present in their article to a variety of people. Journalists can also use social media to find stories to write about online. It can also be helpful for a journalist to monitor their readers and it definitely makes things simpler in terms of receiving feedback from their audience. However, just like everything else in society, there are some negative impacts. The one things that is alarming about social media is that is may possibly deplete the traditional values and principles of journalism. It does have its positive impacts on journalism but it should only be to increase information flow  between reader and journalist, but I am not sure if it should go beyond that. It is definitely beneficial in terms of timeliness but should not destroy the original mission of journalists.


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