Towson Alumni Opens Up About the World of Journalism

A panel of Towson-graduated students gave insight to current students about the fast-paced world of journalism on Wednesday at the TUJDay event.

Members of the panel include Ally Penoni, Christy Moore, Trish Velez, Dion Broxton, Erica Such, Nick DeMarco and Justin Silverman. The panelists spoke to current mass communication students about their career journeys and gave helpful tips to remember along the way.

“Be as proactive as you possibly can,” said Justin Silverman, who graduated from Towson University in 2009. “Write as much as you possibly can.”

The panelists stressed the importance of being multi-faceted in journalistic abilities, which will impress potential employers. In the journalism field today, focusing on video can set journalists miles ahead of the rest of the competition.

Dion Braxton and Erica Such enjoy beating the competition of other stations and covering breaking news is what drives them in their hectic day to day tasks.

“Be hungry,” Braxton said. “They love to see what you can do online.”

Christy Moore and Justin Silverman reminisced about their college experiences working for Towson University’s newspaper, The Towerlight. Moore emphasized that the skills she learned writing the student paper was invaluable and it is important to keep those connections as you grow in the field.

“Whether you work at a big station or a little station, having people who back you up and really know you helped me a lot to get me where I am today,” Such said.

Nearly 30 students and faculty attended the event, held in the Potomac Lounge of the University Union. After the panelists spoke, students could sit down and speak with the alumni and ask questions.



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