One in 22,000: Anna’s Path to Success

(Anna Kerekes beaming after her interview. (Photo Credit: Leah Volpe/TU Student).

In a crowded, loud classroom at public school, Anna Kerekes sits at a desk as her fourth-grade teacher begins a class activity. After the students are silenced, the teacher asks the group one question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

With no hesitation, Kerekes quickly jotted down her dream of being a school teacher, specifically an elementary education teacher.

“I remember writing I want to be a teacher, I literally remember writing I want to be a teacher because it looks fun”, Kerekes said, as she laughed about the memory.

Once Kerekes shared her answer, her teacher jumped in excitement. It was rare for a ten-year-old to be confident in their career path. Kerekes, even as a child, knew what she wanted for her life and how she can impact the lives of others.

Two years in to her college career, Anna has been lucky to never once question her decision to attend Towson and pursue a path in education. She prides herself in her accomplishment of being accepted into the Towson Elementary Education Program after successfully passing the education exam on her first attempt. It almost seems as if Kerekes was designed for an educational path.

For the past five years, Kerekes has worked at a children’s summer in her hometown of Hamilton, New Jersey. She enjoys connecting with the children while she leads them in activities and scheduled events. Teaching young children, who are constantly on the move and full of energy, sounds like a hard task but Kerekes is able to find enjoyment in managing a classroom. She aspires to set a standard in children’s lives and teach them important lessons and values early on in their life so they may succeed in their middle school and high school education.

“I picked elementary education because I feel like those are crucial years for learning and I just want to be, I want to impact their lives in a positive way for the rest of their education and career”, Kerekes said.

Kerekes displayed strong speaking skills with many hand gestures throughout the whole interview. She has never been bothered speaking in front of others and truly feels like she is in her element up at the front of a classroom, she says. She is energetic and talkative and those that know her best are familiar with Kerekes’s high levels of energy and how easy it is to trust her.

“It was like two days into freshman orientation, we were walking back from SECU and we literally just started talking and after that we hangout every day and like other people say the rest is history” said Danielle Goe, one of Kerekes’ roommates at Marshall Hall, located in West Village on Towson’s campus.

Goe recalls that there is something about Kerekes that makes her easy and open to talk to and this kind of quality fits her teaching career. After college, Kerekes is hopeful that she will find a teaching opportunity at An elementary school in Maryland. She wants to be able to help schools that are less fortunate and are struggling with their curriculum, just like the New Jersey public school she attended as a child.




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