Towson Alumni Opens Up About the World of Journalism

A panel of Towson-graduated students gave insight to current students about the fast-paced world of journalism on Wednesday at the TUJDay event. Members of the panel include Ally Penoni, Christy Moore, Trish Velez, Dion Broxton, Erica Such, Nick DeMarco and Justin Silverman. The panelists spoke to current mass communication students about their career journeys and …

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Aisha Advocates for Organ Donation

From Left to Right: Heba Youssef, Allison Byers Coleman and Aisha Johnson working together at the Living Legacy Foundation. (photo by: Leah Volpe/TU Student) Aisha Johnson, an tissue donation recipient, dedicates herself to advocating for organ donation as the Community Outreach Manager at the Living Legacy Foundation. Aisha shares her own story and what the …

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Why Jerice Chose Towson University

(Jerice waits patiently after his Story Corps interview. (Photo by: Leah Volpe/TU student)). In this 2-minute clip, Jerice tells why he picked Towson University as his college of choice and the reason behind his aspiring sports journalism career. Jerice gives background to his career choice and his future dream job.

Journalism in the Age of Social Media

For this assignment, I chose the article How Are Journalists Using Social Media?  written by Kimberlee Morrison. The article examines the productivity of journalists in an age that is dominated by social media from research collected by a PR management company. I was intrigued by the this article in particular because it divides journalists into separate …

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